where we began

Rosa Tequila was accidentally created by Don Dionisio “Nicho” Real, tequila producer since 1942. One day, Nicho mistakenly received red wine barrels instead of whiskey barrels for aging his tequila. The result? He discovered the beautiful impact red wine barrels had on his tequila’s color, aroma, texture, and taste, inspiring him to become the pioneer of one of Mexico’s best-kept secrets: Rosa Tequila.

Red wine barrels

where we are today

Today the legacy of Nicho’s creation lives on in the form of Calirosa, made by Nicho’s sons Don Roberto and Don Fernando in collaboration with Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo. Adam and Behati fell in love with this vibrant spirit and partnered with the family-owned distillery to help introduce Rosa Tequila to the rest of the world.